Sunday, August 21, 2011

Best ways to make gold in WOW!

Have you wanted to make tons of gold? Are you the ones looking at everyone wondering how the heck can they afford anything and everything? Well look no more, here is all the secrets unraveled.

Before reading this is not a get rich quick scheme. No Hacks or Cheats available. 100% legal way to make gold.

OK! Let’s Begin.

Auction House

First awesome way to make tons of gold is to get this great add-on from . The add-on is called Auctionator. Most people will refer to you a Auctioneer or something else. But truth is that the scans on those add-ons just take way too long to scan and no need for it especially when you have to scan multiple times to keep database updated on prices.

So like I said previously Auctionator would be the best and here are some reasons why.

  • Auctionator can scan the whole auction house in about 10 sec tops maybe longer for some with bad internet connection or lag troubles. But for the most part 10 sec.
  • Auctionator is great for your professions. You’re able to find items to make certain things like say you have Alchemy and you need to search for all the ingredients to make a certain item.
    • Auctionator comes with a AH button on the item in the Alchemy window gump. So then all you need to do is open up Auction House and then hit that AH button and bam it runs and picks out all the things you need to make that item and lists them also it will lists the availability and lowest price of that item or ingredient.
  • Auctionator also has a markup system so you are able to cut competitors prices.
  • Auctionator also is great for doing quick sells or buys of items your needing. Example “ You have 6 stacks of leather, cloth, or etc. that needs sold but you don’t know a great price to set it as and you don’t want to keep repeating the sell and repeating the same prices over and over.” Well Auctionator comes with a sells tab that will allow you to drag the item you want to sell and move it into the Auction House window, then it will scan all items that was in the Auction House or is in the Auction House and cut all the prices to make yours the best price to market your items or give you an idea what that product is sold at or was sold at.
    • Buying threw the buy tab in Auctionator is about the same deal but everything you research is stored so you don’t have to keep retyping in that product on researched unless deleted from the list. The buy tab will look for the item you’re looking for then give you all the possible items for your keyword and list how much the lowest one is priced for and how much is in the Auction House.

Ok! Now that I went over all that with you to explain what the add-on does a little and how it will be useful in your Auction House life in World of Warcraft. Here is how it will help you make some gold also.

            First tip in playing the Auction House is to buy during the weekend and sell during the week. Now you might ask why this is. Well think about it, you have kids in school, adults at work, and people going on vacations. There is not going be a lot of items in the Auction House because all those people are not online farming the products to put on there. So this means what items you bought during the weekend you can profit during the week.

            Second tip would have to definitely be to research the products you want to monitor and sell in the Auction House. Learn the prices; learn when they are stocked and when they might run out of stock or close to running out. Warning: Don’t be stupid and see something in the Auction House for a price and buy it because it may look like a great deal. You don’t know how long or how many times they might have had to post it in there for that price to get a newb to buy the product. So be careful and this would definitely fall into play as I was saying to learn your products and line or business in the Auction House.

So this is about all you need to know really to get started on making gold in the Auction House. Also don’t advise playing the Auction House if you don’t have a lot of gold to gamble and mess with.

Ok! Now let’s move onwards to another great and awesome tip on how to make gold in World of Warcraft.


MiningThis is a great profession to have to make some gold at any skill level you’re guaranteed to make nice chunk of change. Downfall is running all over the map and fighting others for the ores that you come across.

Blacksmithing – This is also great to have because it goes along with mining and also you are able to craft mail and plate armor. Once you get high enough in skill level you will be able to sell what you make for a hefty price. Not a great money maker but can be in future game play.

Skinning – This is great for DPS (Damage per second) type classes. The reason I say that is because you have to kill to skin right well you want to kill fast to skin fast and to make stacks of leather quicker.

Leatherworking – This is great if you also have skinning but also this is the same concept as blacksmithing. Not a great money maker but able to make leather armor and also future game play can make you a lot of gold.

Jewel Crafting – This is an awesome money maker but also an expensive. This profession would be a definite plus to get mining with. If not then your going have to buy ores to prospect and you know how much you can make from mining well you will spend that same amount if you don’t have mining.

Enchanting – This is a great money maker depending on how things are priced in the Auction House. But bad thing about this would be that you need to have things to disenchant to get your materials which scanning the Auction House for cheap items would be great but can add up. Would have to recommend getting tailoring as a second profession to help with or just do dungeon runs and collect items and disenchant them if won.  You can also enchant people’s armor and have them tip you for the work and let them bring you their materials.

Herbalism – This is just like mining you will travel a lot all over the map and fight people for the herbs. But is got be one of the highest money makers on the game. Also will differ on how your server economy is and how well the Auction House is doing in your server.

Alchemy – This is a great money maker and awesome to help you OP (Over Power) your class just that much more from the potions and elixirs that you can make. Goes hand in hand well with Herbalism also. This is where you can make True Gold and Vial of the Sands mount once you reach a high enough skill level.

Archeology – This is a major time waster but is good mainly for finding the Vial of the Sands recipe.

There are a few more (professions) out there but I would have to say these are the best for money making.


This has to be the only and last way to make gold. Farming is a fancy word for go out and kill anything you see or just run a lot of dungeons alone or with a group that can be split. Also if you’re in a dungeon group don’t ninja ANYTHING ask the group when you join and be like “hey anyone that don’t need on items would anyone mind if I needed on those items and sell them to make some gold or save up for this or that.” You will get a better reaction from them than take it upon yourself and need for everything or even also save your butt from getting kicked out of the dungeon group.

If you go out and kill monsters or animals then loot EVERYTHING it adds up in the long run. This is also a great way to get a lot of experience while on your way to getting rich.

Ok well this has got to be the last thing to post about how to make gold in World of Warcraft.

Note that everything here is 100% legal and will make you gold. Not a get quick rich scheme. You have to actually get out and do something if you want gold. Unless you have gold and play the Auction House then I’ll see all you in any major city.